Update 12/09

Hi Parents,

Just a few notes from me as we near Winter Break.

  • HCPS Benchmark: Students will take the benchmark on Thursday 12/10 & Friday 12/11. Please make sure that their computer is charged and at school on Thursday/Friday.  It covers all content covered this year. They do not need to “prepare” for it, as our daily classroom activities & homework are enough of a preparation. It will count as a quiz grade, but will also be used to make tutoring & remediation groups run by professional tutors at Byrd, as well as myself. This is an HCPS test.
  • Homework: Homework completion has been better recently! Thank you for any support you are giving. Remember the homework board has all assignments.
    • The past week’s homework is the Skill 1-17 Packet.
      • Each page had a different due date. Page 1 (12/4), Page 2 (12/7), Page 3 (12/14) and Page 4 (12/10 & 12/11).
      • The entire thing should be done by Monday 12/14. This is all review, except for page 4.
    • Zero Day: December 18th is the 1st Zero Day for the 2nd This has been posted in every teacher’s room all quarter so this is not a surprise. All work from this quarter must be done by that day.
      • I ask for late homework daily.
      • I also remind them to turn in Google Classroom assignments daily.
      • I’ve been giving students about 10 minutes each class to work on late work or Reflex.
    • Test: Students will take a test on Thursday December 17th on what we have learned this quarter.
      • Skills 1-17 Homework Packet serves as a review for it.
      • Shorter study guide as well on Monday 12/14 for homework.
    • Google Classroom Assignments: These assignments are classwork assignments that are intended to be done within the class period and with my assistance if needed. Students who finish early are allowed to work on Reflex or our current math packet. I periodically check to see if any new assignments have been turned in. Not completing these are not acceptable. I am being very nice and not counting points off for late work – they just need to do it!
    • Requizzes: com/requizzes Students can do some online now!!! We talked about honor & trust regarding these. They can only access each requiz once and must be on their HCPS username


I think that is it! Happy Wednesday!

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11/24 Update

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all get to enjoy these next few days with your families.

MAP SCORES: With your child’s report card they received their MAP Test Scores from the fall. You will also see how their score this year compared to their previous scores as well as school average and the expected score for 7th grade fall. This is something to look at with your child to see how their scores compare each year. They should be going up!

STUDENT MATH GOALS: This week the students looked at their scores as well as their scores on the different topics. They identified their weaker topics (“strands”) and came up with some ways they can improve their MAP score for the spring as well as improve their overall math understanding. Many chose doing Khan Academy for 30 minutes a week and getting help before/after school. We also talked about how many should make a goal be doing their homework more regularly. You should see their goal on their “Student Goal Setting Worksheet” that they are bringing home for you to sign. They would appreciate any support in helping them meeting their goal (ex: checking in with them, monitoring). Each month they will reflect to see if they have been using their strategies to meet their goal. This is a school-wide initiative and I think it will be great in helping our students see their progress. In their Google Drive, if they go to Shared with me they can show you their goal & progress tracker. Have them “share” it with you! 

REFLEX: Students should be on Reflex each week to earn their Reflex grade. The goal is 4 – 15 minute sessions a week. This will help them with their math facts, and when they complete all, they are done. Some are close!!! Many are about 25% done and we just started!!!

GRADES: Are updated for the most part! The quizzes they took today will hopefully be graded over break (BOO!) and then I will be looking at the Khan Academy Assignment on Google Classroom & Test Corrections over break.

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11/16 Update

Hello! As we start this 2nd quarter, I will be expecting that students will be using Reflex regularly. The expectation will be similar to what they did in 6th grade.

* They all know their passwords and they have a label with any math passwords that we use.
* Once Students master 100% of the facts on Reflex, they will be done for the year. Many are close to showing mastery by the Pre-Assessment that Reflex has them do first.

* Here is how they will be graded (same policy as 6th grade) each week – checked Mondays
800 problems / 4 green lights= 100%
600 problems / 3 green lights = 75%
400 problems / 2 green lights = 50%
200 problems / 1 green light = 25%

* They get a “green light” when they have done “enough” problems for the day (about 15 minutes).

* If they get 4 “green lights” a week, they should be meeting the requirement.

* That # of problems seems like a lot – but they play games where they do 25 questions in a few minutes, and generally 150 problems in 10-15 minutes, so it goes by quickly.

The sooner your student completes Reflex, the sooner they are done for the rest of the year!

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10/30 Update

WEEKEND HOMEWORK: STUDY FOR TEST! Review Packet (worked on Thurs/Fri) should be finished by Monday. Study Guide 1-8 was due today. Study Guide 9-11 is due Thurs, extra credit if turned in Monday.

HELP SESSIONS: Mon 11/2, Wed 11/4, and Thurs 11/5 from 7:30-8:00. Please let me know if your student is attending.

STUDY GUIDE & REVIEW SHEET ANSWER KEYS: Some students will want to check their answers over the weekend, but I didn’t want anyone to be able to copy any answers, so I am sending you the link so you can share with students. Click here for the folder of answer keys. I will be emailing you Monday if your student did not complete study guides & review sheet.

INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK: Here is the rubric that students will be graded based on. Their notebook should look like this.  I didn’t get to share it with them today, but I will Monday.

REFLEX UPDATE: I will not be checking Reflex this quarter. Partially because expectations were not clear enough for students and partially because some students were just not doing it and I didn’t want to hurt their grade.

GRADES: Grades have been entered/updated, but homework from this week and the quiz students took today will be entered over the weekend. If your child thinks there is a mistake (ex: I didn’t update from a requiz or a late homework) please let me know.

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10/28 Update

Here is a (hopefully) brief & concise update for what is going on the rest of Quarter 1 (10/29 – 11/6). Please pardon any typos… I’m writing this (way too) late at night!


  • THURS 10/29 – Review for test
    • Quick Quiz on Skills 9 (Properties), 10 (Translating Expressions), and 11 (Evaluating Expressions)
  • FRI 10/30 – Review for test (no 7th block)
    • Study Guide Part 1 due
  • MON 11/2 – Review for test
    • Study Guide Part 2 due
  • TUES 11/3 – No School – Parent Conferences
  • WED 11/4 – Review for test
  • THURS 11/5 – Test Part 1 (~15 questions: Skills 1 – 8)
    • 7th grade ZERO DAY: any late work from 10/3 – 11/5 may be turned in
    •  Interactive Notebook Due
    • Reflex will be checked for past 2 weeks (should be getting 3-5 “green lights” a week)
  • FRI 11/6 – Test Part 2 (~15 questions: Skills 9 – 11)
    • 7th grade SOCK HOP until 4:30 (cost: 2 cans)

HOW PARENTS CAN HELP THEIR STUDENTS (I know some of you want too!)

  • Check their grades —> should be updated by end of day 10/29
  • Help them study for test or at least make sure they are
    • TEST PREP folder in my gDrive has study tools I have made
      • Study Guide
      • Practice (Study Guide w different numbers)
      • Review Sheet (concise version of what they should know)
    • MY WEBSITE has lots of links: msburtonsclassroom.com/help
      • I make this website so the kids can USE it… 
  • Check on their Interactive Notebook
  • Drop them off early (at 7:30am) on Mon 11/2 Wed 11/4, Thurs 11/5, Fri 11/6 for HELP SESSION

Ms. Burton would love… Tissues, hand sanitizer, black dry erase markers 🙂 

Thanks for your efforts! Any questions – email me! I am trying to remember to check my JUNK folder…

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10/20/15 Update

Our past topics have focused on integers (positive & negative numbers), and we will now be applying what we have learned for the rest of the year. That means, if your student is still struggling to master these important skills – I am trying to work with them in small groups during class OR I have recommended them for the weekly tutoring during PE/Health for 5 weeks beginning 10/19. You can see how your student is doing by looking at the grades for QQ1-6 which refer to Skills 1 – 6. Skill List is here.

10/19 – 10/23: continuing to learn about writing & solving expressions
(Skills 8 – 11)
* goal is to get students to prove mastery on Skills 1 – 6 if they haven’t already.
* I’m available Wednesday morning at 7:30, and after school until 4. Please contact me if you’d like your student to use this time.
* I will be out on Thursday for funeral services, but students can use Friday at lunch to requiz if needed.
* Quick Quiz on skills 7, 8, 11 (word problems, order of operations, and evaluating expressions) on Friday

10/26 – 10/30: investigating sequences & patterns with some tasks with Ms. Carter
(Skill 12)
* Quick Quiz on skills 9 & 10 (verbal expressions & properties) on Tuesday/Wednesday
* review materials will begin to be sent home in preparation for test the following week

11/2 – 11/6: review & test
11/3 – no school
            11/5 – Part 1 of test: Skills 1 – 8 (tentatively)
– Interactive Notebook will be checked/graded on pages 1 – 23
– Reflex will be checked for the “3 green lights”
             11/6 – Part 2 of test: Skills 9 – 12 (tentatively)

Final notes:
Testing – Students scores on tests will be used to create small group remediation either during school or outside of school, so please encourage your student to study and try their best.
Getting Help – MsBurtonsClassroom.com/Help has lots of links with extra videos, practice, and games for students to use. I post videos of lessons we do in class (as well as the ones they have done for homework) in the videos folder if they need a refresher.
Interactive Notebook – “grading” occurs to hold students accountable for having the required materials in class, as well as having appropriate study materials when needed. I do my best to keep track of who needs help and I try to keep them on track, but if they ever need to check their materials, they can: look at mine in the classroom, look at my online version, or look through the notes folder where blank copies & filled out versions are found. I generally have extra copies in the “extra copies” organizer in my classroom, so they don’t always need to print them.

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