Algebra 1 Help

Helpful Sites

iTunes U Textbook: Got an iPad/iPhone/iPod? Download the Algebra 1 iTunes U “textbook” for help! It has videos and lessons on everything we are learning.  My mom is retaking Algebra 1 right now!

Spark Notes: Summary of all topics studied in Algebra

Explore Learning: Great site with visual aids for many concepts. Henrico County has a license for the students to access this.  Contact if you need help logging in. You can browse by topic, SOL Standard, or textbook chapter.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy forces students to gain “fluency” in their math skills so that they can do the skill quickly and correctly. Practicing any skill on Khan Academy will improve your math skills, which everyone needs!

Math Dictionary for Kids: Easy definition with examples (and some times a little activity).  The charts are also helpful study guides and summaries.

Textbook: You also have your textbook(s) that you can use!

Links by Concept

Tools of Algebra

1. Integer Operations
Info: Adding & Subtracting , Multiplying & Dividing
2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Info: Adding & SubtractingMixed Number & Improper Fractions
3. Multiplying Fractions
Info: Multiplying
4. Dividing Fractions/Complex Fractions
Info: Dividing (Complex Fractions are frac over frac)
5. Properties
Info: Properties
Practice: Properties Worksheet Creator
6. Squaring a Negative
Info: Squaring a Negative
7. Order of Operations
Video: Order of OpEvaluating Expressions
Activity: Order of OpEvaluating Expressions1Evaluating Expressions2
8. Function Notation (VideoPractice)
9. Domain & Range (Notes)


10. Multiplying Properties (Notes)
Videos: MultiplyingRaise a powerRaising a power2
Activity: See “10-12 Together”
11. Division properties of Exponents
Videos: DividingDividing/Applying
Activity: See “10-12 Together”
12. Negative Exponents (Video)
10-12 Together VideosConcept 10-12Concept 10-12 moreSimplifying Expressions
10-12 Together PracticePracticePracticePractice
13. Scientific Notation
Video: Converting,  Operations
Activity: ConvertingMore ConvertingOperations)
14. Simplifying Radicals
Video: Simplifying Radicals
Activity: Review of Square RootsSimplifying Radicals
15. Simplifying Cube Roots (VideoPractice)
16. Simplify Expressions/Add & Subtact Polynomials
Video: Combining Like TermsAdding & Subtracting
Activity: Activity AActivity BActivity CAdd/Sub PolynomialsSimplifying Game
17. Divide Polynomial by Monomial
Notes: Dividing a Poly by a Mono
Video: Dividing a Poly by a Mono
Activity: Dividing a Poly by a Mono Practice Problems
18. Multiplying Polynomials
Notes: Multiplying Polynomials (3 different pages)
Video: Multiplying Polynomials
Activity: Modeling (Multiplication then change to binomials), Multiplying Polynomials (EASY)Multiplying Polynomials (MED)Multiplying Polynomials (HARD)
19. Factoring by GCF
Video: Factor by GCF (then factor completely if possible!)
Activity: Factor by GCF (then factor completely if possible!)
20. Factoring into binomial
Video: Factoring when a=1Factoring when a>1 (it wants you to do it by “grouping” which is another method)
Activity: Factoring when a=1Factoring when a>1
21. Using the discriminant
Notes: Explanation
22. Divide Polynomial by Polynomial
Notes: Might be confusingmight be helpful

Solving Linear Equations

23. Solving Linear Equations
*SCIC (Simplify/Collect/Isolate/Check)
Notes: Clearing Fractions
Video: Solving Equations (SCIC)
Activity: Solving Equations (SCIC)
24. Solving Proportions
Video: Finding an unknown, Word Problems
Activity: Solving proportions, Solving harder proportions
25. Literal Equations
Notes: Solving Literal Equations, More
Video: Solving Literal Equations
26. Word Problems
Distance Word Problems, Coin Word Problems
Practice: Consecutive Word Problems
27. Justifying Using Properties
Notes with examples

Graphing Linear Equations

[Concepts 31 and 36 are listed together]
28. Solutions to linear equations/x- and y-intercepts
Video: Finding Solutions, Graphing Equation by finding points, Interpreting graphs
Activity: Finding solutions, finding solutions 2
29. Dependent and independent variables
Notes: Definition
Activity: Identifying variables, lots of practice
30. Slope & Rate of Change
Video: Slope of a line, Slope & rate of change
Activity: Identifying slope of a line, making a line
31. Graphing Linear Equations & 36. Writing Linear Equations
Slope-Intercept Form Notes/Videos: Explaining slope intercept form,  Graphing when in slope intercept,Writing/Graphing slope-intercept from notes, Notes with practice, Notes with great examples/explanations/practice of slope-int form
Slope-Intercept Form Activities: Solving for the y-int (given an equation w/out it and a point)Writing in slope intercept form (given a table of values)
Point-Slope Form Notes/Videos: Graphing in point-slope form video, Graphing in point-slope form notes, Writing/Graphing point-slope form notes, Notes with practice, Notes with great examples/explanations/practice of point-slope form
Point-Slope Form Activities: writing in point-slope form
Converting Videos: convert point-slope form to slope-intercept form, converting standard form to slope-intercept form, converting slope-intercept form to standard form
Converting Activities: convert between point slope & slope int, convert between standard & slope int
Writing Equations (all forms): writing equations in all forms
32. Real World Situations & Connecting 4 Representations
Activity: Matching situations, Matching situations (key on 3rd page)
33. Functions/Relations & Domain/Range
Notes: Domain & RangeVideo: Relations & Functions, Testing Relations & Functions , Summary of discete/continuous & domain/range Activity: Domain & Range, Practice/Explanation
34. Transformation of Linear Equations (Parent Functions)
Explanation of Parent Function & Transformation
Activity: Adjusting graphs
35. Direct & Inverse Variation
Direct Variation Notes, Direct Variation Notes2Direct & Inverse VideoRecognizing Direct & Inverse Variation VideoDirect & Inverse Activity
37. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Videos: Parallel & Perpendicular Lines, Slope of Perpendicular Lines, Parallel Line Equations, Parallel Lines 
Activities: Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
38. Linear Regression
Best Fit Line NotesEstimating the Line of Best Fit

Solving Quadratic Equations

39. Solving Quadratic Equations by SQUARE ROOTS
Notes: Step by Step Explanation
Video: Square Roots Method, Square Roots Method (Khan),
Practice: Square Roots Method (Khan), Step by Step Explanation, Practice Problems with answers
40. Solving Quadratic Equations by FACTORING
Notes: Purple Math Notes
Video: Solve by Factoring Example,
Practice: Solving by Factoring (Khan)
41. Solving Quadratic Equations with QUADRATIC FORMULA
Purple Math Notes
Khan Video
Khan Video #2
Khan Video #3
Khan Activity
42. Using the Discriminant & Understanding Solutions
Purple Math Notes
Khan Video
Khan Activity 

Solving Systems of Equations

43. Solving Systems of Equations by GRAPHING
Purple Math Notes
Khan Video
Khan Activity
44. Solving Systems of Equations by SUBSTITUTION
Purple Math Notes
Khan Video
Khan Activity
45. Solving Systems of Equations by ELIMINATION
Purple Math Notes
Khan Video
Khan Activity
46. Systems of Equations Word Problems
Khan Video

Solving & Graphing Inequalities & Systems of Inequalities

47. Solving & Graphing Inequalities in 1 variable
Khan Video
Khan Activity
48. Solving & Graphing Inequalities in 2 variables & systems of inequalities
Khan Video
Khan Video #2
Khan Activity

Data & Statistics

49.  Find mean, median, mode, and range
Khan Video
Khan Video
Khan Activity
50.  Find the 5 # summary, and create a box plot
Box & Whisker Plot Notes
IQR Video
Reading a Box Plot Video
Constructing a Box Plot Video
Constructing a Box Plot Activity
51.  Calculate & interpret the mean absolute deviation
Mean Absolute Deviation Notes
Mean Absolute Deviation Video
52. Calculate & interpret the standard deviation
Variance Video
Variance Activity
Standard Deviation Notes
Standard Deviation Video
Standard Deviation Activity
53. Calculate & interpret the z-score and normal curve
Normal Curve Video
Z Score Activity