Update 12/09

Hi Parents,

Just a few notes from me as we near Winter Break.

  • HCPS Benchmark: Students will take the benchmark on Thursday 12/10 & Friday 12/11. Please make sure that their computer is charged and at school on Thursday/Friday.  It covers all content covered this year. They do not need to “prepare” for it, as our daily classroom activities & homework are enough of a preparation. It will count as a quiz grade, but will also be used to make tutoring & remediation groups run by professional tutors at Byrd, as well as myself. This is an HCPS test.
  • Homework: Homework completion has been better recently! Thank you for any support you are giving. Remember the homework board has all assignments.
    • The past week’s homework is the Skill 1-17 Packet.
      • Each page had a different due date. Page 1 (12/4), Page 2 (12/7), Page 3 (12/14) and Page 4 (12/10 & 12/11).
      • The entire thing should be done by Monday 12/14. This is all review, except for page 4.
    • Zero Day: December 18th is the 1st Zero Day for the 2nd This has been posted in every teacher’s room all quarter so this is not a surprise. All work from this quarter must be done by that day.
      • I ask for late homework daily.
      • I also remind them to turn in Google Classroom assignments daily.
      • I’ve been giving students about 10 minutes each class to work on late work or Reflex.
    • Test: Students will take a test on Thursday December 17th on what we have learned this quarter.
      • Skills 1-17 Homework Packet serves as a review for it.
      • Shorter study guide as well on Monday 12/14 for homework.
    • Google Classroom Assignments: These assignments are classwork assignments that are intended to be done within the class period and with my assistance if needed. Students who finish early are allowed to work on Reflex or our current math packet. I periodically check to see if any new assignments have been turned in. Not completing these are not acceptable. I am being very nice and not counting points off for late work – they just need to do it!
    • Requizzes: com/requizzes Students can do some online now!!! We talked about honor & trust regarding these. They can only access each requiz once and must be on their HCPS username


I think that is it! Happy Wednesday!

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