11/24 Update

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all get to enjoy these next few days with your families.

MAP SCORES: With your child’s report card they received their MAP Test Scores from the fall. You will also see how their score this year compared to their previous scores as well as school average and the expected score for 7th grade fall. This is something to look at with your child to see how their scores compare each year. They should be going up!

STUDENT MATH GOALS: This week the students looked at their scores as well as their scores on the different topics. They identified their weaker topics (“strands”) and came up with some ways they can improve their MAP score for the spring as well as improve their overall math understanding. Many chose doing Khan Academy for 30 minutes a week and getting help before/after school. We also talked about how many should make a goal be doing their homework more regularly. You should see their goal on their “Student Goal Setting Worksheet” that they are bringing home for you to sign. They would appreciate any support in helping them meeting their goal (ex: checking in with them, monitoring). Each month they will reflect to see if they have been using their strategies to meet their goal. This is a school-wide initiative and I think it will be great in helping our students see their progress. In their Google Drive, if they go to Shared with me they can show you their goal & progress tracker. Have them “share” it with you! 

REFLEX: Students should be on Reflex each week to earn their Reflex grade. The goal is 4 – 15 minute sessions a week. This will help them with their math facts, and when they complete all, they are done. Some are close!!! Many are about 25% done and we just started!!!

GRADES: Are updated for the most part! The quizzes they took today will hopefully be graded over break (BOO!) and then I will be looking at the Khan Academy Assignment on Google Classroom & Test Corrections over break.

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