11/16 Update

Hello! As we start this 2nd quarter, I will be expecting that students will be using Reflex regularly. The expectation will be similar to what they did in 6th grade.

* They all know their passwords and they have a label with any math passwords that we use.
* Once Students master 100% of the facts on Reflex, they will be done for the year. Many are close to showing mastery by the Pre-Assessment that Reflex has them do first.

* Here is how they will be graded (same policy as 6th grade) each week – checked Mondays
800 problems / 4 green lights= 100%
600 problems / 3 green lights = 75%
400 problems / 2 green lights = 50%
200 problems / 1 green light = 25%

* They get a “green light” when they have done “enough” problems for the day (about 15 minutes).

* If they get 4 “green lights” a week, they should be meeting the requirement.

* That # of problems seems like a lot – but they play games where they do 25 questions in a few minutes, and generally 150 problems in 10-15 minutes, so it goes by quickly.

The sooner your student completes Reflex, the sooner they are done for the rest of the year!

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