10/30 Update

WEEKEND HOMEWORK: STUDY FOR TEST! Review Packet (worked on Thurs/Fri) should be finished by Monday. Study Guide 1-8 was due today. Study Guide 9-11 is due Thurs, extra credit if turned in Monday.

HELP SESSIONS: Mon 11/2, Wed 11/4, and Thurs 11/5 from 7:30-8:00. Please let me know if your student is attending.

STUDY GUIDE & REVIEW SHEET ANSWER KEYS: Some students will want to check their answers over the weekend, but I didn’t want anyone to be able to copy any answers, so I am sending you the link so you can share with students. Click here for the folder of answer keys. I will be emailing you Monday if your student did not complete study guides & review sheet.

INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK: Here is the rubric that students will be graded based on. Their notebook should look like this.  I didn’t get to share it with them today, but I will Monday.

REFLEX UPDATE: I will not be checking Reflex this quarter. Partially because expectations were not clear enough for students and partially because some students were just not doing it and I didn’t want to hurt their grade.

GRADES: Grades have been entered/updated, but homework from this week and the quiz students took today will be entered over the weekend. If your child thinks there is a mistake (ex: I didn’t update from a requiz or a late homework) please let me know.

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