10/20/15 Update

Our past topics have focused on integers (positive & negative numbers), and we will now be applying what we have learned for the rest of the year. That means, if your student is still struggling to master these important skills – I am trying to work with them in small groups during class OR I have recommended them for the weekly tutoring during PE/Health for 5 weeks beginning 10/19. You can see how your student is doing by looking at the grades for QQ1-6 which refer to Skills 1 – 6. Skill List is here.

10/19 – 10/23: continuing to learn about writing & solving expressions
(Skills 8 – 11)
* goal is to get students to prove mastery on Skills 1 – 6 if they haven’t already.
* I’m available Wednesday morning at 7:30, and after school until 4. Please contact me if you’d like your student to use this time.
* I will be out on Thursday for funeral services, but students can use Friday at lunch to requiz if needed.
* Quick Quiz on skills 7, 8, 11 (word problems, order of operations, and evaluating expressions) on Friday

10/26 – 10/30: investigating sequences & patterns with some tasks with Ms. Carter
(Skill 12)
* Quick Quiz on skills 9 & 10 (verbal expressions & properties) on Tuesday/Wednesday
* review materials will begin to be sent home in preparation for test the following week

11/2 – 11/6: review & test
11/3 – no school
            11/5 – Part 1 of test: Skills 1 – 8 (tentatively)
– Interactive Notebook will be checked/graded on pages 1 – 23
– Reflex will be checked for the “3 green lights”
             11/6 – Part 2 of test: Skills 9 – 12 (tentatively)

Final notes:
Testing – Students scores on tests will be used to create small group remediation either during school or outside of school, so please encourage your student to study and try their best.
Getting Help – MsBurtonsClassroom.com/Help has lots of links with extra videos, practice, and games for students to use. I post videos of lessons we do in class (as well as the ones they have done for homework) in the videos folder if they need a refresher.
Interactive Notebook – “grading” occurs to hold students accountable for having the required materials in class, as well as having appropriate study materials when needed. I do my best to keep track of who needs help and I try to keep them on track, but if they ever need to check their materials, they can: look at mine in the classroom, look at my online version, or look through the notes folder where blank copies & filled out versions are found. I generally have extra copies in the “extra copies” organizer in my classroom, so they don’t always need to print them.

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